NanoAway Mount


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When you help your family and friends solve problems remotely, do you feel that the shaking camera is a headache, and what the other party allows you to see is not helpful, so you want to control the hand holding the phone?
When you video chat with your child or family member, instead of just talking, would you like to live with your child remotely by watching them play or have fun?
The “NanoAway” App can also be used with the “NanoAway” mount, allowing you to control the phone remotely and quickly see the view you want to see. It also avoids inconvenience so that the other party doesn’t need to hold the phone and makes communication easier.
How to use:
1) turn on the Mount
2) open NanoAway App, and go to profile, then add/pair the mount
3) The other side will be able to control the Mount when the mount is paired (need to allow the remote control)
Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 7 in
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